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Punch Rug Hooking
It's new - it's fun and best of all it's easy!

Most of the projects use wool rug yarn or bulky yarn.  Mini rug punch and 6 strand patterns also available.

We carry kits and patterns for Mini Rug punch, Mini rug punch purses, Needles, Prairie & Monk's cloth.

Rug Punch Hooking Kits

Kit includes:  monks cloth -- yarn -- pattern with instructions
Amy Oxford needle - NOT INCLUDED

$65.50 ppd US funds


Playing in the Sunflowers
   no. 303   14" circle
 $12.50 ppd US funds 

Basket of Flowers
no. 301  13" circle

$12.50 ppd US funds

Chick and Hen
no. 332  12
" square or circle

$12.50 ppd  US funds

Friendship of the Crow & Lamb
no. 309   13" circle
ppd US funds 

Rooster on a Spool
no. 307    12" square

$12.50 ppd US funds

Heart Basket
no. 305  12" x 13"
 $12.50 ppd US funds 

no. 315  18"
x 9"

$12.50 ppd  US funds


no.331   9" x 12" or 12" circle

$12.50 ppd US funds 

Bunny Wreath
no. 313   8" x 11"

$12.50 ppd  US funds

In the Meadow
no. 319  
12" circle or square

$12.50 ppd  US funds

Christmas Stocking
no. 317  10"x 20"
$12.50 ppd  US funds

A Carrot Nose
no. 321  12"
50 ppd  US funds

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