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Will Work for Freezer Space
this is a block from the Raggedy Snowman Quilt

Please read my copyright information at the bottom of the page.  

Machine Embroidery
Click on format to download - there are 2 parts

Snowman Format

Hope you enjoy making this stitchery  
  If you would like to send me any comments or notes please Email Me.  I love hearing from my visitors.

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Hope you enjoy stitching this out. 

These designs were stitched with high-quality, 40-weight thread, which is recommended for  these designs. If a different weight thread is used, the results may vary from the sample designs.  Due to the nature of these design, there will be jump stitches. I recommend clipping  all jump stitches after each color change.

Please read

If you are making the designs as gifts you may make as many as you like.  If you are making the design to sell please only make 25, more than that please email me for more information.  Please include my website address on a tag for each that you sell.

Designs by Son Shine Seed Co. 
Connie Sherlock, designer www.sonshineseedco.com

Digitizing by Splinters And Threads
Gina Reddin www.splintersandthreads.net

This set contains copyrighted and licensed designs for home use by the original purchaser only and is protected under U.S. Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this product, or any portion of it, is forbidden. Sharing of designs is not only illegal, but unethical. My prices are fair, and you paid for the right to use these designs as follows:  You may use them for yourself, sewn out for gifts or finished items for sale, but the designs may not be borrowed, given or sold to anyone. Changing of the designs (except where stated,resizing and converting,) duplicating, re-selling, loaning, sharing in any way, or any transfer of my designs (including any of the free designs) is a violation of title 17 U.S.C., et seq For more information regarding licensing and copyright visit http://www.embroideryprotection.org./consumer.html


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